The Pros Of Q10 And Why You Need To Know About Them


There are many antioxidants that our body produces in order to keep us in good health, but one of them stands apart due to the fact that it's very powerful and it helps your system in ways that you can't even imagine. The name of this antioxidant is q10 and by now you have probably heard about it many times. It's generally popular in the beauty industry where manufacturers use it as a main ingredient for their various creams and gels. However, q10 has many other benefits that you're going to learn about below.

Helps people with diabetes 

One study that was performed in two thousand and two discovered that ubiquinone, which is a reduced form of q10 can have great benefits for those who are suffering from diabetes. The team that was involved in the study found out that by giving diabetes patients q10, they managed to greatly reduce their blood sugar levels and also caused the body to start producing higher insulin levels.

Great for people who had a heart attack

Individuals suffering from chronic heart failure who were given q10 can easily avoid suffering subsequent heart attacks and at the same time their hospitalization rate has also massively decreased. How is this possible? Doctors think that it's because of the q10's antioxidant function which reduced cell damage and helped limit oxidative stress as well.

No more migraines

There is clear evidence that q10 helps people who suffer from migraines a lot by reducing the frequency of migraines by up to fifty percent. This is amazing news and that’s because tens of millions of people around the world suffer from this painful condition that greatly affects their ability to work and prevents them from living a full life. 

Be mindful of side effects 

While it's true that q10 is going to help improve your overall health and also safeguard you from various conditions and disease, you need to be mindful of how much of it you should take. There are possible side effects that can occur and some of them, include abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, lack of appetite, nausea and of course, heartburn. You may also be on various drugs and it's worth mentioning that q10 can easily interact with them and cause a host of side effects that you'd better talk about with your doctor. One last thing: if you're undergoing surgery in two weeks, it's best that you don't take q10 since it thins your blood.