Choosing A Wedding Ring To Bling


They say that your wedding rings should last forever (or at the very least go the distance). This means that you will be wearing these bands for quite sometime. A commonly known fact is that people always notice your wedding ring. Maybe not as much as they notice your engagement ring but rest assured, they pay attention. With that in mind, Lovepear Photography suggests that you make sure to choose the perfect wedding ring to bling. A wedding ring that you will be proud of to show off to all your friends and family? Read more about Lovepear weddings.

As Kent wedding photographers, we know all about presentation. We know how to pick out the perfect accessories that bring out the best in our clients. Your wedding ring is perhaps the most important accessory you will ever wear. So here are some simple tips to help you pick out the best one.

1. Let Your Personality Show

Most people presume that their wedding bands should match. This is actually not a rule. In all our time overseeing many UK wedding photography sessions, we have seen many couple who have chosen different wedding bands that looked just as fabulous as those who chose the same type of rings. Let your personality show. Maybe you like Platinum and he likes White Gold. Be free to choose what you want. Just make sure that at least one thing, such as the loving inscriptions, is something you both agree on.

2. Do Not Overlook Your Lifestyle

Maybe it is because of all the TV commercials, but many couples (brides mostly) think that they do not have a wedding band unless it has a big rock on it. This is all well and good, but if you lead a busy lifestyle where you use your hands a lot, having a wedding band with a big rock on it will be a liability. You need to choose something that blends into who you are; something that seamlessly fits into your day to day routine.

3. Take Your Time and check For High Quality Rings

As we said earlier, this is an accessory that you are going to have on for a long time. You should take your time to pick the right one. You can even use this as an opportunity to explore your spouse' taste and style. Do not rush this at all. Make sure you get the highest quality possible. Most jewelers will be happy to advice you on what you need to get and how it fits into your life.

From the perspective of a wedding photographer in Kent, your wedding band should add to the glamor that the day with most certainly be cloaked in. Find something that warms your heart and brings out the best of how your hand looks.